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With the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in corporate fleets, there’s a growing need for efficient payment and billing solutions. As an employer you can provide employees with both home charging stations and on-the-go charging cards. And you also want to ensure a seamless reimbursement for your employees’ electricity expenses.

So how do you manage the process of automatic settlement and reimbursement? This is where our software comes into play.

Automatic settlement in public
Our platform automatically handles the payments of your employees’ charging costs when they’re charging in public. The company’s charging card is connected to an employer’s account. Whenever the employee starts a charging session, the session details are stored in the account. Then E-Flux automatically takes care of the payment and billing.

Reimbursement of charging at home
For charging sessions conducted at the home, employers can set a rate per kWh. The total amount of the charge session is calculated based on the charging rate and the amount of charged kWh.

E-Flux will automatically generate an invoice on the first day of each month. The reimbursement for these sessions is then processed within 30 days, typically during the final week of the same month. You can access the invoice in the E-Flux portal.

Make EV charging transactions effortless
Are you looking for a flexible and efficient payment and billing platform for your charging stations? Please reach out to us, and we’ll help you with the reimbursement of your employees’ electricity charging expenses.