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If your main goal is to install, configure, and manage charging stations efficiently, then time is money. You want to minimize downtime and offer your customers first-line support in case a technical issue occurs. So, how do you streamline the process of installing charging stations, guarantee uptime, and offer your customers 24/7 support?

Manage your installed base in one overview
Our Field Service Management platform provides an all-in-one solution for both the installation and operational management of charging stations. 

As an installer you have all the tools to manage 365+ different types of charging stations. Any malfunctions or technical issues are detected and displayed in an overview and with critical issues emailed to you. Approximately 95% of problems can be immediately handled by us. If you need technical assistance then our team of experienced EV experts can tackle complex issues.

The best service for your customers
When a customer experiences an issue with a charging station, the installer is typically their initial point of contact. As an E-Flux partner, we step in to help you and your customer. 

Our first line support team will take on all the support requests and we are able to resolve the issue remotely in 95% of the cases. This not only saves your time but also leads to more satisfied customers. In fact, 80% of our support calls are rated as ‘great’ or ‘amazing’ by EV drivers.

Want to learn more about our Field Service Management platform and 24/7 services? Reach out to us for more information or visit our page about Field Service Management.