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Roaming network

Drivers can charge EVs seamlessly at any charge point within the roaming network, without needing to sign up, or pay for a subscription.
This is thanks to partnerships with roaming hubs such as and Gireve. Through these integrations, EV drivers can access more than 500,000 charge points in the UK and Ireland, along with 35 European countries connected to the network.

With the roaming network, charge point operators can give European EV drivers huge access to charge, which boosts the number of users and therefore revenue.

EV drivers with an E-Flux by Road token can charge at points across other networks, without the need for multiple charge cards or separate payments for each network.

Charge point operators can also make their charge points more accessible to many potential customers from across Europe, increasing revenue.

Use the E-Flux charge card at these charge point providers

A charge post provider is the one who is responsible for the supply and settlement of the power coming from the charge point. A charge point provider is not the same as charge point manufacturer.

These charge cards can charge on the E-Flux platform

Charging cards of the following brands can charge on the E-Flux platform.