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Our platform is designed to be secure, compliant and fault-tolerant. Security controls are integrated into every aspect of our operations. From the very beginning of the development process, we employ a Security by Design approach, incorporating threat modelling, risk assessments, and ongoing security testing throughout the system’s life cycle. This ensures that security is a fundamental part of our system’s design and functionality.

Our approach protects your data and infrastructure, and reduces risk to your business operations. 

  • Our operational protocols are structured to comply with ISO 270001 and SOC2 standards.
  • We follow best practices for DevSecOps, modern cloud infrastructure, system access and encryption. We conduct regular independent security audits.
  • We are compliant with GDPR requirements for data collection, storage and processing.
  • Data integrity features such as trend and automatic charge station defect detection support high quality datasets for our products.
  • Our platform and apps include security features such as multi-factor authentication, password best practices and searchable and immutable audit trails.