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The growth in sales of electric vehicles (EVs) means more drivers looking for convenience and the freedom to charge wherever they go. We work with charge point operators and roaming hubs across Europe to provide one of the largest EV charging networks, partnering with all leading charge card providers. Through these partnerships, E-Flux by Road charge card users can charge at over 350,000 charge points, using our driver app for EV payments and to find charge stations.

This presents an entry point for more charge point owners to make charging stations available to the public through our platform, opening it up to millions of potential users.

Extend your charging network as a Charge Point Operator (CPO)

EV roaming enables Charge Point Operators to expand their charging station’s accessibility to a broader audience. Our agreements between different Charge Point Operators makes it possible to share networks and enable cross-network charging. This improves the convenience and accessibility of charging for EV drivers.

Benefits for EV drivers

Roaming is essential to simplify and improve the accessibility of EV charging, allowing EV drivers to utilize a single charge card across various charging networks. All without the need for multiple charge cards or separate payments of each network.

Roaming hubs

At Road we collaborate with roaming hubs like E-Clearing and Gireve. These roaming hubs serve as intermediaries connecting different EV charging network operators. Through these roaming integrations, we allow EV drivers to access charging stations of different EV charging station operators using a single charging card.

Are you looking for a solution to make your charging station available to the public? Join our extensive roaming network with over 350,000 public charging stations across europe.