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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) soars, residential property managers face the challenge of how to effectively set up and manage EV charging points on their properties. With an estimated 85 million EVs expected to hit the roads globally by 2025, it’s crucial for residential property managers to provide adequate charging facilities for their residents. 

Aside from meeting the needs of a growing segment of EV drivers, well-run charge points can increase the value of your building, attract eco-conscious residents and even offer a new revenue stream.

Start planning

The charging setup process might seem simple at first glance, but preparation and planning are crucial to ensure that it’s as smooth and optimised as possible. Before you begin installation, get an overview of your situation. You need to be clear on the following so you can have a seamless setup and manage your charging station optimally: 

  • How many EV-driving residents do you need to accommodate? 
  • How many will switch to EV? 
  • Where will the charge points be located?
  • Is there an ample electricity supply? 
  • What are your hardware and software requirements?
  • What are the building regulations? 
  • What is your budget for the hardware and software?
  • What safety or energy compliance is necessary?
  • How will the charger connect to the internet? Via a fixed connection or a wireless connection? 
  • How will you handle transactions?
  • Who will manage the charge points?
  • Will you open up the charge points to the public, and if so, how will you charge?

Choose the right hardware to suit your needs

Selecting the right charging station and management platform is crucial to ensure seamless EV charging operations. Once you’ve identified your needs and budget, it’s time to seek out a physical charger that aligns with your requirements. 

Next, enlist the expertise of a reputable installer who can also guide you through hardware and software options. They’ll seamlessly connect the charging points to your chosen management platform, getting everything up and running smoothly. 

Find the right charge management platform

An EV charge management platform handles transactions – from billing to reimbursements. Look for a reputable and flexible platform that is compatible with your charge station, including AC and DC models from different brands. In an apartment building, it’s important that residents only pay for their own charging, and not their neighbours’, so a platform that can facilitate this is key. 

The E-Flux by Road platform offers compatibility with 400+ station brands, allows you to set your own charge tariffs, and facilitates streamlined billing and transactions between the residential property manage and each EV driver. You can also open up your charge point to the public, and set different tariffs.

For a stress-free installation experience, consider leveraging E-Flux by Road’s extensive network of trusted installers across the Netherlands. Once your charge points are grid-connected and online, simply sign up to your preferred management platform and register. 

Add residents to the platform, and charging can commence! 

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