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Amsterdam, 6 februari 2023You see it more and more often; restaurants, supermarket chains, and office buildings with one or multiple charging stations at their parking lots. They offer EV drivers the opportunity to charge their EV at their locations; which is beneficial for both the customer as well as the company owner. Earlier, we wrote an article explaining how to get a charging station, and how the installation works. In this article we will walk you through the benefits of facilitating charging stations.

Nowadays, it’s important for company owners to offer their customers the opportunity to charge. This is, simply said, because of the following reason; if everyone makes the switch to electric vehicles, you’ll have to go along with it as a company. EV owners will need a place to charge their cars when they’re parked in your parking lots too. This way, you can improve your image as a company, because you show you’re working on sustainability. Aside from that, you give people access to charging stations, which means you’ll attract more customers and guests who drive an EV. This will only increase in the upcoming years.

E-Flux - Charging station article

The Netherlands spans a total of 253.743 fully electric cars and 144.959 hybrid cars, according to a tally done at the end of February 2022. At the end of 2021, we counted over 85.000 public charging stations. Of course, by now these numbers have grown, but they do show that these charging stations are most often occupied. As a business owner, it’s very beneficial to install more charging stations. Many companies went before you.

There are a couple of extra benefits to getting charging stations installed at your company location. To start with, it attracts more customers and visitors who drive an EV. For them, the availability of charging stations is a reason to visit your company sooner than others that don’t offer the possibility to charge their EV. When it comes to offices, it’s pleasant for employees to be able to drive home with a fully charged EV at the end of a working day. Visitors, like for example, business partners, who drive an EV also benefit from this.

As stated before, you also improve the image of your company, which brings new cooperation opportunities. A lot of companies and potential customers are busy with sustainability, and will also take this into consideration when it comes to finding business partners. So, it’s future-proof on multiple levels. Aside from that, as a charging station manager using E-Flux, you can set your own charging tariffs, which means there’s also a (beneficial) price tag to it.

Why with E-Flux?

As a company, you can set up a business model when you connect your chargers to the E-Flux platform. You can set up your own charging tariffs on the charging stations that you manage, and with it, you can earn money through the electricity used. Through our eMobility platform, you can set your chargers to private or public, with which you can make them visible (or invisible) on maps and apps. This way you can, in case you wish to, make more people aware of the existence of your charging stations. This way, more people will come to charge at your locations and pay the tariffs you set up.

If you do not want your charging stations to be completely publicly accessible, this is of course also an option. With E-Flux, you have three possibilities: private, semi-publicly accessible, and publicly accessible. At a charging station set to private, only people accepted and added by you can charge with the corresponding charge-cards. If you set your charging stations to semi-publicly accessible, it means the charging station is completely accessible for everyone, but your location won’t show up on the aforementioned maps and apps. When you set your charging stations to publicly accessible, it means it’s open for everyone to use, and the location shows up on the maps and apps.

If you want to know more about how the installation of a charging station works exactly, you can find an article on that here. Of course, you can always contact our customer service: we’re here to answer all your questions!