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By Vincent van Vaalen CEO, Road

Last week was special for us. We officially renamed and rebranded our company, moving from E-Flux to Road:

E-Flux started life as a purpose-built SaaS platform and a pretty good company name in 2017. We saw a need, a gap in the market, and knew we could step in to bring all the players together. The aim – and what we delivered – was a single platform offering a seamless infrastructure and payment solutions.   

This connection to all the players, from consumers to installers, wholesales, manufacturers and energy providers was new within the EV charging ecosystem, so we grew. And grew quickly.  Today we proudly serve 20% of the Dutch market, offering a direct to customer charge card and B2B platform products.  We are also growing in Belgium, the UK and Ireland, Germany and France with the rest of Europe firmly in our sights.

This growth meant we needed to be able to scale our products, services and general presence. Hence the rebrand. As Road we have the flexibility to offer new, expanded or partner on any range of product and solutions instead of being associated with just one under the E-Flux name.

But E-Flux is a known and loved brand so it lives on as a product offering. It is carried in our charge card offering and end-to-end platform. But there is so much growth and road (pardon the pun) ahead of us.

Electric vehicles are here to stay. It is no longer a question of individuals, companies…the world embraces eMobility, but how soon. As the world transitions to electric vehicles, the EV charging ecosystem plays a critical role in making this transition happen for everyone. 

This ecosystem is now growing – and they are at the heart of who we are growing to serve better: individual drivers, public charging operators, real estate developers and commercial road transport and fleet operators. All these players transact with each other when charging at home, in transit, at their destination or at work – and are part of the Road fold.

Over the past six years we’ve connected 45,000 charge points and established a roaming network of 350,000 charge points. We serve over 100,000 customers and businesses who hold 125,000 active tokens across Europe.…and we have so much more growing to do. 

With the predicted surge in charge point installations and EV charging sessions, our goal is to build the critical infrastructure for EV charging transactions in Europe and process over 1 billion electric kilometres by the end of 2025.

We’re ready for this once-in-a-century mobility revolution. We exist at the intersection of cleantech and fintech. Our mission is to make EV charging transactions effortless for everyone. This is the way forward. Road is how we get there.