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Amsterdam, November 14, 2022Saving more money usually spent on your charging costs is a possibility now thanks to a cooperation between E-Flux and Stekker. Stekker is an app that you can use to easily charge on the most financially economical moments. The only thing you need to do is install the Stekker app, and connect it to your E-Flux dashboard.

Save money now by using Smart Charging

Nowadays it’s getting more and more profitable to use smart charging through your charging station. Smart charging means that you install your car or your charging station so that it handles charging your vehicle in a smart way. That means that the charging of your car is paused or resumed during moments charging is beneficial for the environment as well as your wallet. How much money you can save, depends on your electricity contract – but the most active users can save over 1000 EUR per year! Thanks to our integration with Stekker, you can now activate this smart charging method in your E-Flux account. 

What is Stekker?

This new feature can be added thanks to our cooperation with Stekker. This app takes in information about your vehicle, your charging station, possible solar panels, as well as the energy sector in general – and combines this in the background, to charge as smartly as possible. Using this method, your electricity is the most sustainable, the network as stable as possible, and – most importantly: the energy prices are as low as they can be!

How does Stekker work?

The only thing you need to do to start Smart Charging, is informing the app when you need to use your car. Stekker then calculates when it’s the smartest moment to charge your car. For example, moments in which the sun shines brightly, or when there’s rough winds outside. This works for every vehicle, because Stekker uses E-Flux to communicate with your charging station, and not with your car.

Please note: for some car models, you’ll need to tell Stekker your battery percentage first. You won’t have to do this when you drive a Tesla, Skoda, Volkswagen, KIA, an Audi, or an Hyundai.

When you have Stekker Premium, this is done completely automatically – without you even having to open the app at all. As an E-Flux customer, you can try Stekker Premium for free over the course of three months – after this period, Stekker Premium is priced at € 4,99 (incl. taxes) per month.

To start saving, make an account through the Stekker app, and fill in what type of car you drive. After that, you will find a code in ‘Settings’, which you can use to connect your charging station. You can then add this code to the Smart Charging Method within your E-Flux dashboard.