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Amsterdam, December 9, 2022Switching to driving an electric vehicle might be a choice you have been, consciously or unconsciously, considering for quite some time. Of course, these days you hear a lot about electric vehicles; it’s constantly covered in the news, and you can’t open a newspaper or there’s an article about electric cars waiting for you to read it. Basically; you can’t ignore it any longer. Still, you may have a couple of doubts left: but not to worry. Here’s a couple of wonderful reasons that will help you make the choice, and switch to driving an EV.

Environmentally conscious

To start; driving electric vehicles has a positive impact on our environment, because you contribute to reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses. An electric vehicle emits roughly 60% less greenhouse gasses during its entire lifespan, than a regular car. Despite the fact that within The Netherlands, we still use a lot of electricity generated by fossil fuels such as coal, and natural gasses; an electric car is still greener than a fossil fueled car. Especially when you take into account that in 2030, 70% of our electricity needs to be sustainably generated. Apart from the fact that electric vehicles are a better choice for the environment, it’s also a better choice for yourself; because less emission means better quality of air, and fresh air keeps us healthy!


Until 2024, you won’t have to pay vehicle tax for an electric car. Do you use your EV for business purposes? Then you will also pay less additional tax liability; just 16% instead of 22%. From the 2nd of January 2023, it’s also once again a possibility to apply for an allowance for an electric car. However, you gotta be swift about it; the available budget for the allowance of 2022 was quickly depleted. The government stimulates the switch to electric vehicles; driving electric cars is the future! The range in supply of different brands is growing quickly, the radius of action only increases; just like the charging point network.

An electric vehicle is a bit more expensive to purchase because the price of the battery is higher. However, this set-back is quickly re-earned with an EV; electricity is cheaper than diesel or gasoline. By charging at home or at your workplace, you save even more; because the electricity costs are usually lower.

Driving safer and smoother

Electric vehicles are usually safer than older, traditional cars. In an EV you mostly drive with one single pedal, which makes for smoother and safer driving. Because you drive an electric car without a clutch; it drives a lot steadier as well.

Additionally; an electric vehicle has a lessened chance to turn over in case of an accident, because the battery is placed in the underbelly of the car; which takes the point of gravity to a lower point.