The all-in-one EV charge point management system

Discover our versatile platform for effortless EV charge point management.

Management of all charge points from one dashboard
Automated billing, no hidden costs
24/7 customer service
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E-Flux by Road dashboard met laadpaal locaties, laadpaal chargers en laadsessies

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Charge point management pricing

We offer market leading software and fully transparent pricing


Monthly cost per AC charge point:

p/m excl. VAT
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No hidden costs

No transaction fee per charging process

Integrated with 400+ charge point models

*€4,38 p/m excl. VAT for customers in the Republic of Ireland
One-off connection fee per AC charge point £13.65 excl. (€13,53 excl.)


Monthly costs per DC charge point:

p/m excl. VAT
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No hidden costs

No transaction fee per charging process

Integrated with 400+ charge point models

*€10,40 p/m excl. VAT for customers in the Republic of Ireland
One-off connection fee per DC charge point £22.37 excl. (€22,18 excl.)

Manage all charge points from one dashboard

Hardware-independent, user-friendly interface and options for a range of tariffs.

Automated billing for all charging sessions

Automated transaction processing and payments for all charging sessions, supported by all leading payment providers.

24/7 helpdesk

Round the clock support for charge point operators and drivers.

Everything you need to know about charge point management

This eBook focuses on efficient charge point management and helps to clarify three key issues: choosing the right software, automatic billing of all charging sessions and support for EV drivers.

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Ready in three steps

Your EV charge point management system is ready for use in just three steps:

Free consultation

It all starts with a consultation with one of our experts. We discuss your requirements and provide more insight with our product demonstration. We will then send you a customised quote.

Installation & configuration

To ensure that the commissioning of your charging infrastructure runs as smoothly as possible, we can support you in selecting a suitable installer. This will ensure professional installation.

Registration of the charge point(s)

Your charge point(s) is (are) now successfully connected to our eMobility backend. You can now register them on the platform and invite users, such as employees, to apply for charge cards and much more.
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Why E-Flux by Road?


Uptime, the best in the industry


Integrated charge point models


Customer service


Billing accuracy

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My employees charge at home, at work and on-the-go, how can I get all the services I need from one provider?

Our EV management platform automates the reimbursement of home charging costs for employees, ensuring a seamless process and preventing additional manual workload. Our E-Flux charging cards allow users to access 300,000 public charge points, ensuring users can charge wherever they go. No out of pocket costs for employees.

How do I ensure that the charge points at the workplace always work?

Our dedicated 24/7 customer services team provides support to both charge point operators and EV drivers and can resolve most issues remotely. 

How do I manage charging during peak hours at a large office?

Prevent an overload on the grid with load balancing and smart charging, and via integrations with energy management solutions providers.

What are the requirements and considerations for installing charging stations at my office?

Together with an installer, you will assess which charging station best suits your situation. E-Flux by Road operates completely independently and collaborates with over 60 charging station brands and more than 400 charging station models. This enables us to provide you with the best solution.

How do I manage different types of charging stations?

We’re hardware agnostic and integrated withover 365 different charging station models. You can add any charging station to the E-Flux by Road platform.

How do I get advice and find an installer?

We have a large network of installers who will assist you in choosing the right charging station and with its installation.

How do I measure if I meet carbon footprint legislation?

Get valuable insights into your charging station sessions with account analytics.