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Charging Station Management rates

Get the most out of your charging stations with E-Flux's EV-charging platform. To use the platform and manage your charging stations, you pay for a subscription per socket. We differentiate between AC and DC charging stations.


(Normal charging station)

€4,38 p/m excl. VAT


(Fast charger)

€10,40 p/m excl. VAT

AC charging station connection fee: €13.53 excluding VAT.
The minimum contract duration is 24 months.

Connection fee DC charging station: €22.18 excl.


A charging station subscription includes the following functionalities:

Efficient administration

All charging sessions done at connected charging stations are automatically settled and reimbursed. Exporting charging sessions and declaring them manually is a thing of the past.

Rate management

Manage locations, and set your own rates for charging sessions. Per kilowatt hour, per charging session, or per hour. This way you keep a grip on costs, and maximize your revenues.

Access groups

Determine who is allowed to charge by creating access groups with employees or charge card numbers. Within the access group, you can set a separate rate so that you can allow employees to charge for a smaller rate at the office, for example.

Charge card management

Manage all your organization’s charge-cards easily from your own account. Request and block new charge-cards yourself.

Icoonset van E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje kleur, voor 24/7-service.

24/7 helpdesk support

Charging station users can contact our helpdesk directly on a 24/7 basis.

Private charging

Do you want to restrict access to your (home) charge point for private use? You can set the charging station to private charging. You can still settle the charging costs with your company or employer.

Icoonset E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje, voor het verbinden van laadstations.

Remote charge point control

You receive notifications when something is wrong with your charging station, and you are able to reset your charging station remotely.

Read all about Charging station management here

Interested, but don't own any charging
stations yet?

Are you interested in charging station management, but you don’t own
any installed charging stations? Contact us!

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Connect your charging station to E-Flux now

Do you own already installed charging stations, and want to use the E-Flux platform? This starts with creating an E-Flux account.

1. Create account

The account owner can create an account directly, and then add other users such as employees.

Create account
Icoonset E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje, voor het verbinden van laadstations.

2. Linking charging stations

Once the charging station is configured and installed, it can be added to the account.

3. Setting up the platform

Set rates, determine who has access, and link your account number. You're ready to charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up automatic reimbursement with my employer?

If you want to set up reimbursement with your employer, we offer the perfect solution. The employer needs to sign up for an E-Flux account, and can decide which package best suits the company’s needs. After creating the account, the employer can invite you and set the reimbursement rate. You will receive an email invitation to create your own account. Once you have access, and the station has been installed and configured with the E-Flux software, you can easily add your charging station to your account.

How can I set rates for guests and visitors charging at my location?

It is possible to set rates per kWh, per hour, or per session. Each month we bill these sessions through the Mobility Service Provider, and deposit the total amount into your bank account. Each time you create a location, you can set a rate. This can always be changed afterwards. More advanced forms of pricing will soon be offered, such as dynamic rates, penalty rates, and rates per time period.

Can I set the rate myself?

If you are the account administrator, you are free to adjust the rate. For employees linked to an employer’s master account, we let the employer set the rate.

Which charging stations are compatible with E-Flux?

We have over 80 different brands and 400 charging station models that are compatible with E-Flux. View a complete list in our database.

What are connection fees?

We charge a connection fee for each charging station. These consist of a one-time fee, and cover the costs we incur on our end for pre-configuration, instructions, EVSE ID Sticker, and SIM card activation.

Does E-Flux charge transaction fees for charging sessions?

For sessions done at E-Flux charging stations that are paid with a public charge-card other than E-Flux, we charge a flat fee of €0.03 excl. VAT.  per kilowatt hour. This is paid by the EV driver, and does not impact the revenue of the charging station owner. This fee covers insolvency at other MSPs.

I only want a charge-card, what should I choose?

If you want a charge-card, you can apply via this button:

Order charge card