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Billing & settlement engine

We ensure seamless billing and settlement of charging revenues and costs between the charge point owner and EV driver. We automatically generate invoices on the first day of each month. The settlement for charging sessions is always processed within 30 days.

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Public charging

Charge point owners automatically get their charging revenues deposited in their bank account. We collect the funds from EV drivers charging at your location and take on all the payment complexity and risk. The charging tariff set by the charge point owner is directly charged to the driver.

Thuisladen van een elektrisch voertuig met de E-Flux by Road laadpaal software en de beste laadpas van Nederland.

Employee home charging

To reimburse employees for charging at home, employers can establish a rate per kWh for home charging in the company’s account. Charging costs are calculated based on the charging rate and the amount of kWh charged.

Employee charge card

Employees can use the E-Flux charge card and app for public charging. With the E-Flux by Road token they can charge at more than 500.000 public charging stations in our roaming network, and charging sessions are safely stored in the account.