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Field service management

Insight into all your installed charging stations

With E-Flux, installation companies have the correct tool to provide their services efficiently. Different charging station brands can be managed through one dashboard. Malfunctions are automatically displayed in an overview, and will be e-mailed to you. About 95% of the problems can be fixed by E-Flux.

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E-Flux by Road dashboard voor installatiebedrijven van laadpalen. Laadpaal installateur die op zijn tablet naar een E-Flux by Road laadpaal software dashboard kijkt.

Quicker installation

Configure the charging station through E-Flux. Or, leave it in the capable hands of our service team. This way, you spend less time on the job.

Save service expenses

Check error messages off-site, before you head to the location.


Over 250 different models can be connected to the E-Flux network.

Icoonset van E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje kleur, voor gereedschappen

Technical management

Set up dynamic load balancing, or edit the configuration.

Configuration wizard

Thanks to our configuration wizard, every setting is done correctly within 1.5 minutes, by only the press of two buttons. The charging station resets automatically, to make sure all the settings are saved correctly. Read more about how to manage charging stations here.

Proactive support through alert system

All error messages and issues are displayed in an overview. Important error messages are e-mailed to you. The software resolves error messages automatically when they’re not detected anymore.


Insight into locations, types of charging stations, and number of error messages. Within the analytics tool, everything regarding your installations will be visible.

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