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Integrated payment options

Maximise revenue and comply with upcoming regulatory changes with our fast, cost-effective and simple direct payment solution.

Reliable platform to handle the complexity and security of direct payments like credit or debit cards and other mobile solutions like Apple Pay.
Streamlined payment management across payment types, enabling your drivers to choose their preferred payment method. 
Integrations with Europe’s leading payment terminals such as CCV, Payter, Worldline and Scheidt and Bachmann.
Works seamlessly with payment hardware such as Valina and CCV IM30 and various terminals without keypads.

Drivers support

Drivers get support if there are any payment issues

  • Billing engine automatically creates invoices for charge station, card and account subscriptions as well as reimbursements.
  • Customers can see and download their invoices in their dashboard and are optionally notified by email.
  • Invoices and cycles can be managed by admins across the customer population.
  • Invoices can be automatically pushed into ERP systems (such as Netsuite or Exact Online)

Coming soon

With upcoming full payment capabilities, we will be compliant with the following regulations:

EU payments

In 2024, all public charge stations in the EU will need a payment solution that doesn’t require customers to enter into a contract. This can be a payment card reader, a device for contactless payment, or secure payment via a mobile device.

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR)

AFIR aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the EU by at least 55% by 2030. It calls for the deployment of more EV charging points across Europe, and a user-friendly recharging and refuelling experience, with full price transparency, common minimum payment options and coherent customer information across the EU.