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Support services

We offer best-in-class support services for EV drivers and technicians, maximising operational uptime and delivering superb charging experience.

For EV-drivers

We offer 24/7 chat or telephone support for each charge point managed by E-Flux by Road or Road Private Label. 

For charge point operators

Our 24/7 support ensures drivers have a seamless experience, enabling you to maximise revenue at public charge points or to empower your employees in the office or home charge points. Our field service dashboard automatically alerts your installer to charge point problems, enabling a faster response. 

For installers

Road offers our industry-leading field service dashboard along with technical support during business hours, saving you time and helping you proactively resolve technical issues.

Field service management

E-Flux by Road’s field service management tool allows you to efficiently manage charging stations from one dashboard:

Configuration wizard for easy setup
Proactive support through system alerts 
Different charging station brands can be managed through one dashboard
Malfunctions are automatically displayed in an overview, and will be e-mailed to you. Set up dynamic load balancing, or edit the configuration
Analytics with insight into locations, types of charging stations, and number of error messages
Get in touch

Get help from EV experts

We guide you through the migration process from existing solutions and tackle any complex issues.

The best experience for your customers

Offer customers 24/7 driver support