EV charge management for Residential Property Managers

Do you want to provide EV charging points in an apartment or residential complex? With the right infrastructure, you can increase the value of your building, attract eco-conscious residents, and earn revenue. This ebook gives step-by-step guidelines on how to efficiently and cost-effectively set up and manage charge points.

You'll learn:

How to ensure a smooth set up and operation from day one
How to be efficient and save money with the right software
How to generate revenue from your charge points
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Find out the steps you need to take before installation starts so that everything runs efficiently for you and your residents from the beginning.

Learn how to generate revenue by setting your own tariffs and opening up your charge point to non-residents.

Understand how to choose charge management software that manages transactions for you, offers drivers 24/7 support and handles individual billing to free up your time.

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EV charge points for residential property managers:

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