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Partnering for an all-in-one solution

As a charging station installer, time is money. You want to do the installation and not worry about peripheral disciplines. You won’t have to, with E-Flux. Become a partner, and use E-Flux Field Service Management free of charge. This way, you can focus completely on the installation, and the customer.

I want to collaborate

Cooperating as an installer

What does the process look like?

Step 1 – Application: The cooperation with E-Flux starts with an application, and giving us your contact information.

I want to collaborate

Step 2 – Introduction: Within 2-3 working days, one of our employers will contact you, and plan an introduction.

Step 3 – Information: After the introduction, you’ll receive a form in which you can fill in information that we need for your E-Flux Installer Account. We verify this information, and create an account for you.

Step 4 – Registration: Within a couple of days, you’ll receive your account information for the E-Flux portal and the additional documents.

Step 5 – Congratulations: Congratulations! You’re now an E-Flux partner, and can log into your account!

Technical dashboard

In your account, you get an overview of the charging stations you have installed. In most cases, you can see when something is wrong with a charging station, and if so, what the issue is. You can often resolve these problems remotely through our platform.

Icoonset van E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje kleur, voor gereedschappen

Quicker and more efficient

You get your own E-Flux Installer Account, and additionally to that, you are granted access to our Technical Portal. From this portal you can request multiple services. You can even configure charging stations in the dashboard, without the interference of E-Flux. This way, you can install charging stations whenever you want to.


We work together with wholesalers such as Libra Energy, Technische Unie, Allimex, and ESTG. From these wholesalers, you can order charging stations pre-configured with E-Flux software. Together we organize webinars and courses.

Icoonset van E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje kleur, voor 24/7-service.

Proactive support

When a customer experiences issues with a charging station, the installer is often the first person they call. When you are an E-Flux partner, this won’t be the case any longer. We will take on the primary support on a 24/7 basis. In 95% of the cases, we can resolve the issue remotely.

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