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Petrol stations

Manage fast chargers at your petrol stations

Do you work in the petroleum industry, and are you thinking about installing fast chargers at your petrol stations? Manage your fast chargers with the charge point management platform from E-Flux. With E-Flux, you can set your own charging tariffs, and get insight into the charging behavior of your customers. We take care of the settlement of charging sessions, and provide support on a 24/7 base.

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Manage tariffs

Set your own charging tariffs per kWh, per hour, per session, or per timeslot.

Automatic settlement

Every month, you receive a reimbursement to your bank account for the electricity used. Read more about the automatic settlement process here

Direct payment

Offers the opportunity to also pay by debit or credit card.

24/7 support

Charging station users can contact our helpdesk on a 24/7 basis. For technical issues, we contact your installer directly.

Flexible solution

E-Flux works with over 60 different charging station brands.

Payment methods

Grant access: make your charging stations publicly accessible, and 6 million charge-cards can use your network for charging their EV. Also offers the possibility to pay by debit card or credit card.

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