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Retail & hospitality

Offer your customers the possibility to charge their EV

Offering visitors and customers the possibility to charge their EV is important nowadays. We offer a charging solution for hospitality locations, recreational institutions, shopping centre, and other retail branches. You set the charging tariffs; E-Flux makes sure to take care of the automatic invoicing every month.

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If you have or are looking to install charge points and provide EV charging at your location, then you need a solution to manage your network without getting lost in the complexity.

This ebook looks at how to manage charge points effectively and helps to answer three key questions:

  • Can you manage your charge points simply with the right software?
  • How do you make sure all the EV charging transactions are automatically handled?
  • How do you ensure drivers at your location get the right support service, so they’ll never get stuck and can always charge?

Get the right solution to effective charge point management.

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Manage tariffs

Set your own charging tariffs. Give discounts to employees, or let them charge for free.

Access control

Decide who is allowed to charge at your charging stations: regulars, employees, or everyone.

Automatic settlement

Every month, you receive an imbursement to your bank account for the electricity used. You get insight to every charging session and all invoices through your own dashboard. Read more about the automatic settlement process

Direct payment

Foreign guests who are not in possession of a charge-card can also use your charging stations by means of direct payment.

24/7 support

Charging station users can contact our helpdesk at a 24/7 base. For technical issues, we contact your installer directly.

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