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EV charging station management

All your electric car charge points in one platform

We are hardware agnostic so it is possible to combine different brands: add locations, set rates and invite users. Gain insight into all EV charging sessions and receive the reimbursement of each EV charging sessions that have taken place each month in your bank account. Our service hotline is available 24/7 in case any issues occur.

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Efficient administration

Exporting charging sessions and manual declarations is a thing of the past.

Access control

Decide who can charge, and at what rate. Invite employees, and determine the reimbursement rate.

Extra income

Set your own rates per kWh, per charging session, and per hour. All sessions are automatically invoiced.

Be future proof

Hardware independent platform. Combine electric vehicle charging station brands and manage everything from one platform.

Icoonset van E-Flux by Road in donkeroranje kleur, voor 24/7-service.

24/7 service

We offer 24/7 telephone support in case of any issues. This way, we can get the EV driver back on the road.

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If you have or are looking to install charge points and provide EV charging at your location, then you need a solution to manage your network without getting lost in the complexity.

This ebook looks at how to manage charge points effectively and helps to answer three key questions:

  • Can you manage your charge points simply with the right software?
  • How do you make sure all the EV charging transactions are automatically handled?
  • How do you ensure drivers at your location get the right support service, so they’ll never get stuck and can always charge?

Get the right solution to effective charge point management.

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Automatic settlement

All charging sessions are automatically invoiced by E-Flux and paid to your bank account. Employees receiving compensation for home charging will receive their own invoice. Manual declarations are a thing of the past! Read more about the automatic settlement process here.

Rate & location management

Manage locations and set charging rates. Per kWh, per hour, and per session. This way, you stay in control of expenses, and you maximise your income. Publish your electric charging stations on online maps.

Access groups

Decide who can charge, and at what rate. Within an access group, you can set a different (more favourable) rate. It will also be possible to grant access to people who are allowed to charge for free.

User management

Invite employees who charge at home, and determine the reimbursement rate. Residential groups and VVEs (association of home owners) can invite residents to register their charging stations. Charging sessions are settled automatically.


Large organisations can add and manage sub-accounts. The main account has insight into all data, and the sub-account sees only its own locations and data. This provides more flexibility and control.

Flexible solution

E-Flux can be connected to more than 250 different models of charging stations. This allows you to manage existing charging stations and new charging stations easily from one online environment.

How can I use E-Flux?

Do you want to start using the eMobility platform? You’ll need to create an account first.

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Create an account

The account owner can directly create an account, and then add other users, such as employees.

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Charging station pairing

Once the charging station is configured and installed, it can be added to the account.

Setting up the platform

Set rates, define access and connect your account number. You’re all set to start charging!