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Flexible EV charging solution for apartments and Home Owners Associations

Does your Home Owners Association (HOA) already offer a charging solution for electric vehicles? E-Flux offers a flexible solution for managing EV charging stations within apartments and HOA’s. As a charging station manager, you set tariffs for residents and guests. We automatically take care of invoicing: the electricity costs and subscription costs are paid by the resident, the reimbursement is paid to the HOA.

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Manage tariffs

Set tariffs for HOA residents who charge at home, and guests who charge at the HOA charging stations.

Flexible solution

E-Flux works with over 60 different charging station brands.

Automatic settlement

Every month, you receive an imbursement to your bank account for the electricity used. You get insight to every charging session and all invoices through your own dashboard.

24/7 support

Charging station users can contact our helpdesk at a 24/7 base. For technical issues, we contact your installer directly.

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